M.B.A. EMPIRE is a member of the professional association PRMIA
The M.B.A. EMPIRE (MBAE) group entered the international association of credit risk management PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association) which has its headquarters in the USA.
M.B.A. EMPIRE is a member of the professional association PRMIA
M.B.A. EMPIRE opens a new branch in the Ukraine
The M.B.A. EMPIRE is an international company that specializes in customer relationship management and credit risk management. It has been active in the Ukraine since December 2013, and is now the 3rd post-Soviet country after Russia and Kazakhstan, where M.B.A. EMPIRE operates.
M.B.A. EMPIRE opens a new branch in the Ukraine
M.B.A. EMPIRE is expanding its activities to Romania
Following a successful entry to European markets, the M.B.A. EMPIRE group enters another East European market – Romania.
M.B.A. EMPIRE is expanding its activities to Romania


M.B.A. Finance Management is a Romanian projection of the international leader M.B.A. EMPIRE which is a provider for solutions in consulting, CRM, financial recovery, IT Solutions, HR Solutions and Financial Services.

We cover important areas of the world and we follow our mission to continuously work hard to bring opportunities for clients.
Present in Central Europe, M.B.A. EMPIRE provide integrated services to many famous corporations in the financial sector (banks, insurance), telecommunications, utilities (power supplies, natural gas industry), municipalities and other public sectors.
Since 1996 we supply complete solutions in lending and credit risk management and all ancillary services in accordance with the requirements and needs of our customers. In areas where we have opened markets, we have reached their top.
Our professional approach, deep understanding and cooperation with our customers have led to partnerships of trust and the delivery of outstanding results. We support our organization in debt management, debt reduction and unfavourable collection, cutting costs and retaining unprofitable customers, helping to increase their profits.

Our international experience in business is essential and we are also aware of local conditions in each market. We offer a personal and customized approach in line with our customers' needs, which comply with market conditions.

Today's break of Romania active market. We understand the complexities and challenges of Romania and adapt our global experience to our local customers in order to provide professional and strategies to help their cash flow.

We are here for long term. We provide a broad spectrum of services in credit management sector and to meet the needs of all financial industries such as banking, insurance and consumer loans, etc.

M.B.A. Finance is a member of:

The Professional Risk Managers International Association 

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